When sending money to the poorest country in the world, you have to ask if the money is really ending up where you want it to.

Your money is first collected in the Czech Republic by the Parish of St Thomas in Malá Strana (the "Lesser Side") in Prague, which is part of the Order of St. Augustine of the Catholic Church. It is then sent by wire transfer to the Augustinians in Kinshasa.

The Congo vicariat of the Augustinian order then purchases the agreed items (beds and mattresses) and has them delivered to the orphanages. We then receive a report of what has been done with the money - for instance, after the purchase of the first beds and mattresses, $100 remained and this was used to purchase milk for the youngest infants.

If you wish to have an individual donation recognised, please let us know and we will add your donation to the list on these webpages.